Interior painting designs that are inspired by wine country are warm and inviting.  Napa and the Central Coast are not only known for their fantastic wine, but they’re also known for their stunning views and ambiance.  Here, we’ll try and give you several ideas on how you can achieve that relaxed California wine country look in your next interior decorating project!

California’s wine regions inspire colours that are natural and soft, with pale golds and dusty greens.  Wine country style is evident in the many small establishments that make up the region, from small local inns to beautiful restaurants on picturesque, large estates.  Small, local establishments are a great place to find inspiration for wine country style, as they embody the colours and culture that draw so many people to the area year after year.

We called Martin Blouin, from Professional Painters Niagara (, who is a professional painting contractor in the wine region of Niagara, Ontario, Canada, to ask him about wine country inspired painting design.  Last year, he visited Napa Valley to try and find some new inspiration.  What follows next is a few Sherwin Williams paint colours he’s been experimenting with to try and capture that wine country style!

#1 Torchlight SW 6374

Torchlight is a deep, rich gold colour.  It’s truly the foundation of any interior design scheme that will try and capture the style of wine country.  It can easily balance with browns and greens to complete an elegant, warm interior painting design.

#2 Chrysanthemum SW 6347

Chrysanthemum is a copper, rust colour, but much more!  It invokes the tones of fall and works exceptionally well with a gold like Torchlight.  Chrysanthemum is like the colour you see as the setting autumn sun casts its light over rolling hills of vineyards.  Use it for accent walls or accent pieces in your overall design.

#3 Canvas Tan SW 7531

Canvas Tan is a fab neutral that is capable of calming any space.  It’s a simple neutral that can invoke feelings of calm and peace as if you were waking up in the morning among the vineyards in wine country.  This colour is a great example of the fact that not all wine country-inspired painting designs need to be deep and rich.  Incorporate a wine country inspired neutral like this into your design today and observe the calming results for yourself!

We’ve found a few other colours you might also want to look at for your wine country inspired design:

#4 Deep Ocean 2056-20 Benjamin Moore

This colour truly embodies the colour of the Pacific Ocean that rests off the coast of California wine country.  This colour acts as an excellent contrast to the warm and neutral colours we’ve already presented.  Use it as a secondary colour in your design to freshen up your space.

#5 Shallow Valley 6011-9 Valspar

Shadow Valley is a tender green that reflects the foilage of the vineyards.  After all, there would be no wine country without the luscious green plants that give us the grapes!  This colour has a very subtle yellow undertone, giving it the ability to match up with golds and neutrals, or it’s even able to stand up on it’s own in a contemporary space!