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Cowboy Humor

Cowboy Style - The Wizard of Oz

Solar Eclipse by Wayne SchererLeft: Solar Eclipse, by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

Have you ever played the Everything-I've-Learned-in-Life game?

Well, we're playin' it now.

The point is to come up with a topic, pick it apart and put it back together sorted by lessons you can apply to life.

We try to get as many lessons as possible and 10 wins the game.

It sounds difficult but you really don't need many players and you don't have to be very smart.

The other day, J.W. and I were playin' the game together. See, you don't need many players and you don't have to be very smart.

I got to pick first so I selected the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

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We had a fun time with this one and wound up with good lessons from both sides so we called it a draw. That made both of us feel good enough to revisit what we said and put it down for you. Here's what we came up with.

People who ride bicycles are bad.

It isn't good to take a bath. The same applies to a shower. This is especially true if you're a witch.

It's ok to talk to your dog. (And I thought it was just me.)

You don't ever recognize your friends when they're wearin' different clothes.

Someday, someone odd and mean may take your dog away.

Opium can slow you down. It's wasn't obvious to me but I guess she did fall asleep in a poppy field.

If you're made of tin, don't ever be too far away from an oil can.

Education can be as easy as orderin' one of those diplomas on the internet.

Sometimes a dog bites. Sometimes a lion doesn't.

Clickin' your heels together sometimes just takes you back to where you started.

Well, that's about all the life lessons we could cut out of the Wizard of Oz. We made it to 10 and we had a good time.

If anyone out there wants to send in the results of their own games, please do.

I'd like to see what you'd do with the Republican Primary story.

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