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Wine Country This Week

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If you are planning a visit to the Wine Country, of Northern California or the Central Coast, Wine Country This Week is a must-read magazine.

Wine Country This Month has listings of over 1,000 tasting rooms in Northern California and over 400 tasting rooms in the Central Coast.

In publication since 1981, Wine Country This Week is both an online and print publications (the Central Coast print magazine is called Wine Country This Month).

This rich resources will help you thread you way through wineries and other resources from Mendocino County to the Central Coast of California.

Find winter specials, holiday cheer and Limo prices that won't slam you against the wall before ripping your wallet out of your pocket.

They even have a special section called "Beyond the Tasting Room" where you can get the inside scoop on how to augment the basic "three sips and you're out" policy some wineries insist on.

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If you don't check their events pages, you won't know all the cool stuff.

Specials and Coupons

Just print and clip you way to savings with WCTWs Deals page. This page might even help you decide what wineries to visit.


Ok, so you've got a GPS in your car. But say you're traveling with your wife who absolutely hates that thing. And how many of us has wound up at the end of a five-mile dead end following our trusty gadget?

You won't have to stop and ask directions if you use WCTW's maps.

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