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Stormy's Restaurant, Bloomfield

Located in a whisper of a west Sonoma town called Bloomfield, Stormy's Restaurant is a cross between an old saloon-style steakhouse and an upscale eatery.

Stormy's has been a stage coach stop, brothel (rumor has it) and restaurant since 1854 making it one of the longest-active gathering places in California.

It also has all the bells and prime rib for a satisfying meal served with the care and attention of family who really seem to care about every customer.

On a cold, January night we visited Stormy's and found a roaring fire in the large stone fireplace in the bar area.

Over the fireplace were elegantly-placed knick-knacks with some holiday touches and memorabilia from the original, grandmother owner, Ellen Cramer (AKA Stormy), including a flag from the military her family received at her passing.

Bloomfield was the perfect spot to start this year's appreciation of eating out. It offered fun, food, and companionship with the outside world.

We ate at the bar, enjoying a conversation with family members, Taylor and Carolyn, and another couple celebrating their first anniversary (it was early in the evening).

Take the time to discover this Bloomfield rest stop northwest of Petaluma.

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You will certainly feel an afterglow of warmth from all the good food, drink and conversation when you leave.

After having trouble trying to decide between the onion rings (recommended) and garlic fries as an appetizer, Stormy's granddaughter, Taylor, suggested we try half and half. It was a good suggestion.

For our entree, we selected the prime rib (who doesn't want a delicious prime rib dinner now and then?).

Dinner came with soup, salad, fresh veggies (cooked to order) and roasted potatoes. Everything was as requested and tasted great. In truth, the end cut we selected was so tender and juicy it could be cut with a butter knife.

The menu also offered golden fried chicken, and other American favorites including ribeye steaks, rack of lamb, a porterhouse, scampi and on and on.

Success for the Cramer family is simple. They show an interest and investment in making sure everything for every customer is just right. They also have Roger, a chef who can hold his own with any cook in Sonoma County. Roger is lucky enough to be Carolyn's husband.

Perhaps this is why the Cramer Family has successfully thrived as owners and caretakers of this tasty roadhouse for darn near 40 years.

Now, that's a restaurant.

Stormy's Restaurant
6650 Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield, CA 94952

Reservations Greatly Appreciated

(707) 795-0127 

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