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Sonoma Wine Shop | La Bodega

La Bodega and Sonoma Wine CompanySonoma Wine Shop | La Bodega
Sonoma Wine Shop has 2 locations

Left: Mystery Chef on Sunday night. Could it be Paul Bocuse?
photo credit: possibly by Anthony Bourdain

Sonoma Wine Shop | La Bodega, what the hell is it?

For the past few months, residents of Sebastopol have been puzzled over the delightful little enterprise located at 2295 Gravenstein Hwy South.

As they whiz south past Hardcore Espresso, they see the tidy gardens and inviting cafe on the west side of Midgley's Flea Market and wonder, "What the hell is that?"

By the time they reach Hwy 101 at Cotati, they may have forgotten all about it.

On their return trip to town, the intrigue reignites as they see happy, expectant people slipping out of their cars and hustling past flowered gardens to the attractive La Bodega.

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Only the intrepid will find out what is really happening behind those closed doors. Unless, of course, they look in the big windows and see all the people eating and drinking.

We visited Sonoma Kitchen on a chilly, March afternoon for the first time and have been back three times since. On the second visit, we joined the wine club.

We still don't know what the hell it is but we do know you don't have to be a member of the wine club to have a lovely lunch or dinner there. However, if you do join the wine club, you will receive a 15 percent discount on all your wine and food each time you go. Incentive enough, I say.

This Koan of the wine tasting world continues to mystify over 1,900 wine club members who, nonetheless, make pilgrimages to Sonoma Wine Company (in both Sonoma and Sebastopol), with regularity to sample some of the finest cuisine and affordable wines in the Wine Country.

I'd like to say our first visit was the most Koan-like because we were treated to a wide array of wines in an attempt to decipher our own particular favorites. It was great fun until we ordered their caramelized-artichoke ravioli in a mushroom-cream sauce and achieved instant satoris.

And so it stands. For us, the fog of mystery is further shrouded in a haze of caramelized-artichoke-ravioli dreams but we now know one more thing.

We love Sonoma Wine Shop | La Bodega.

Sonoma Plaza
Tel: 707-996-1230
412 1st E.
Sonoma, Ca, 95476
On The Plaza

Tel: 707-827-1832
2295 Gravenstein Hwy South
Sebastopol, CA, 95472

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