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Cowboy Humor

Run, Sheepy, Run

Pargo Girl by Wayne SchererLeft: Pargo Girl by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

I had a grandfather who played the game, Run, Sheepy, Run, when he was young.

As far as I can remember, he said it was a game where everyone but the Sheepy went off to hide.

It gets kinda blurry from there. I'm not even sure it wasn't the Sheepy who was hidin' but somehow that doesn't seem right.

All I know is we played it as best we could from time to time until we ran out of ways it might be done.

Whenever and however we played it, we always made sure someone yelled, "Run, Sheepy, Run!"

I'm not sure any of that makes sense and sorry to slide off the saddle there but I'm back on now so let's continue.

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The term, Run Sheepy Run, always made me a little bit uneasy like it does when someone asks for my vote.

I'd be willin' to vote for some folks but I'm certainly not goin' to hand over my vote to them. It's that absolute power thing you see Republicans doin' at the moment.

So if I'm in the middle of a corn field somewhere and someone yells, "Run Sheepy Run!" I'm gonna be skeptical. This is because anything likely to constitute a great amount of danger to a flock of sheep (or even one), is somethin' I'm not sure I''d be able to handle.

Common sense tells me, if somethin' that big is comin' my way, I might be yellin' but it's not gonna be, "Run Sheepy Run."

Research is now showin' that nobody can keep a secret unless it's just too unimportant to remember.

This may be true but I had my heart broken once and most of my friends knew first. I guess the secret was too unimportant for them to let me in on it.

They're still my friends and nothin' has ever been spoken about it but the experience makes them realize how tender I am about fallin' in love again.

It may happen but I'm not goin' to stop appreciatin' ladies I know in the meantime. I have a lot of girlfriends though that's not really the word for it. Friendgirls would be a better term if it didn't sound so much like one of those made-up words from the Planet of the Apes.

Some relationships are close and some not so close but they are all people who are simpatico. If I don't ever mention names, please think of it as my respect for my girlfriends.

Someday a lady may steal my heart again, much as it is. If this happens I'll shout out her name to the world.

Then again, habit may have me yellin', "Run, Sheepy, Run!"

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