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Rocker Oysterfeller's Restaurant - Valley Ford

Howdy Ma'am with an Oyster Flare

Rocker Oysterfeller's (Rockers) is a hotel, bar and restaurant surrounded by golden hills and working ranches in a fly speck of a town on Highway One.

Walking into Rockers is like stepping back into an old western saloon, with wide-open windows (instead of dusty shutters) letting in the soft coastal light.

Come casual to this fine dining experience and relax in the most friendly bar for miles around.

The floor plan is open and airy and the welcoming bar room is beautiful, with bits of local paraphernalia around, wine cork art, lavender sprigs in old vases, etc.

There is ample room at the bar and two tallish tables for parties who want to mingle but not mix.

The atmosphere is friendly and help is attentive, guessing right when you might need your drink refreshed.

The two tallish long tables (mentioned above) are works of craft themselves.

One comes fashioned with a top of creamy-colored upended oyster shells, chunks of rock salt and coral colored polished cement all blended together, and the other incorporates pieces of wine bottles in the design, plus chunks of colored glass against a cobalt-blue, cement swirl.

Both are lovely.

Few things compare to sitting with friends and eating some of the most beautifully-delicious food you've ever had in your life in what feels like a saloon decorated by Woody Allen. It makes you feel beautiful and feeling beautiful is good, Woody.

Happy Hour at Rockers Oysterfeller's arrives on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and consists of fair deals on good fare.

Wednesday brings you 25 cent wings, Thursdays you will find a discount on local oysters and Friday nights deliver the best 3-dollar fish tacos we've found.

I've made a pledge to return there every Friday for as long as I live.

The tacos are presented on fresh corn tortillas with a generous hunk of perfectly cooked fish amid confetti strings of orange, red, light green and white cabbages and veggies of every kind, including artfully sliced jalapenos, with a trickle of mystery white sauce.

When you roll it all together it tastes like a classic Baja fish taco, but with a Northern California sensibility. Portions are just big enough, and every mouthful turns perfection into sounds of pleasure.

We also tried the jalapeno corn muffins which were only passable.

Then we sat back to enjoy the evening with our friends.

Kelly Tyre Rating: WCW Happy Hour RatingThree Tyres (Get there as soon as you can!)

For more information on Rocker's happy hour, contact them at (707) 876-1983.

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