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Robert Rue Winery - Fulton


Visiting Robert Rue Vineyard, close to the 101 (north of Santa Rosa), is a family-friendly-fun afternoon wine tasting you've always hoped for.

Especially if you are a Zinfandel freak.

Wilson, the dachshund, is on hand to welcome you to this quintessential family winery. He's small but he packs a big presence. (Say hello, Wilson.)

While many wineries in the Seventies were ripping out their old Zin vineyards (time out here for a moment of bereavement) to plant pinot noir vines, Robert decided to stay with the traditional stock, the one perfectly matched to the Fulton soil.

Today Robert Rue's century-old grape vines produce small batches of the darkest most delicious Zinfandel wine you are likely to ever taste.

Carlene and Robert Rue are the happy, friendly proprietors whose excitement about their special wines quickly spills over as you sip their wines on hand.

Robert and Carlene bought the property in 1974 from a farmer who had been in the area for years, and passed on to Robert some of his secrets for keeping the wines pruned just right and the wine juices flowing.

They also produce a Sauvignon Blanc which is lovely, fresh and full of summertime happiness.

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