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Hannah Rose Miller - Sebastopol Artist

Genius in Color

Our Dog Clare, by Hannah Rose Miller, Sebastopol ArtistLeft: Our dog, Clare, painting by Sebastopol artist, Hannah Rose Miller.

"I'm an artist," the pretty, young lady told me the first time I met her. It was a lie.

Hannah Rose Miller is a great artist.

Because she was our next-door neighbor, I had the joy of watching her painting in her front yard.

She would throw a canvas on an easel, gently brush some color on it and open a doorway into a dream world.

It seemed all so easy but I noticed how each object on the canvas was carefully arranged to delight my attention.

As I watched creation after creation bud, then bloom in front of me, I wondered what it would be like for her in the future. She had genius in her strokes.

One evening, after we returned from San Diego, we found Our Dog Clare on our porch.

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I had admired Hannah's talent for some time and, indeed, our dog, Clare, considered her part of our family, but it seemed like she had put every beautiful expression of her artwork into this gift for us.

Buy her paintings now, while she is still reasonable. Please don't judge her badly for throwing away all her money on Clover Dairy Products.

(Pssst: don't tell anyone, but a bidding war under way for her Rooster on Blue)

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