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Fircrest Market - Sebastopol

It's Small but it's Grand

Fircrest Market, SebastopolLeft: Fircrest Market.

In a quaint town on a busy road in a quiet neighborhood, a small market hold sway over the taste buds of a community.

Fircrest Market came to Sebastopol in 1993 when twin brothers, Mark and Dave, made the long emigration from Marin County to continue their dynasty as grocers.

Their father was also a grocer.

The brothers (who will not give out their last name) admit to being crazy about Clover Dairy products. They have the cheese, the milk, and all the other fun things including Clover's ice cream. (I buy my ice cream there).

But Clover Dairy didn't drive me to Fircrest.

Surely it would have if I had known Fircrest carried their products but, as a newbie in town, I wanted to find a place that sold aquatic delights.

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Of course, like any other normal person, I went into Sebastopol Hardware to find out where I could find my fresh fish. 

"Fircrest," the man behind the plumbing counter told me after checking first to make sure I wasn't lit up with drugs.

"Fircrest," an impatient customer behind me said.

"Fircrest," someone echoed from the other side of the isle. This was followed by, "Who the hell comes into a hardware store to ask about fresh fish?"

Girded with my new knowledge, I climbed back into my Jeep and rolled south on Route 116 until I finally found Fircrest. I actually missed it a few times because it was so small.

My eyes didn't have time to take in all the wonders of local goods and produce being displayed on the Dr.-Seuss-style isles as I threaded my way through the tiny bakery section to a meat counter about the size of the Gravenstein Lion's fireworks stand.

"The sea bass is fresh today," I was informed without having to ask.

"Sold," I said and, with my main objective out of the way, I strolled around the little store.

Something in the ice cream freezer caught my eye. Clover Ice Cream? My God, they make ice cream?

So I hurried home with the sea bass and my first tub of Clover's Mocha Almond Fudge in tow. I would never be the same again.

If you're passing through Sebastopol and have a hankering for fresh, local, grocery products, stop into Fircrest Market. You'll be a better person for it.

Fircrest Market
900 Gravenstein Ave
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 823-9171