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Cowboy Humor

Goin' Antiquin' Cowboy Style

Girl in the Window by Wayne SchererLeft: Girl in the Window, by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

I read somewhere recently about an antique store in Sebastopol with fair prices.

It was in the Sonoma Gazette I believe. Good paper there. Anyway, I needed a new chest for my clothes.

The one I was usin' once had these plastic holders on each side of the drawers but all of them were broken.

I wound up with three drawers I had to remove every time I went in to look for socks.

And I'm glad I did. In the back of the room, there was this small chest with three drawers in it and it was priced perfectly for my pocketbook. You're right if you imagined I spent a good amount of time pullin' the drawers out and pushin' them in.

I brought the chest up to the counter where J.W. was handin' over some pesos for three candy bars. "It's for charity," he said with unusual kindness.

As I was payin' for my find, I noticed all the books displayed in the back. "Are those books for sale?" I asked.

Indeed they were so I paid for the chest and walked over to the book cases.

In case you're wonderin' why I'm so taken by books, the answer is pretty simple. Cowboys and books go together like hands inside leather.

And there are a number of places in this world where you can't get reception on that iPhone you see glued to most teenagers' ears.

In Sonoma we have pretty good coverage but in Colorado, where I did much of my cowboyin', there are some high-mountain bunk houses where all the entertainment you may have is a good book.

So I honor books, especially ones where you can learn something of value. I'd like to say I've learned more under the light of kerosene lanterns than I have on a computer but that wouldn' the the truth.

However, I can say with my hand over my heart the unexpected truth that it's difficult findin' a really good romance novel on the World Wide Web.

Food for Thought Antiques
2701 Gravenstein Hwy South
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Open everyday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(707) 823-3101

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