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Cowboy Humor

The Duck Club Revisited - Bodega Bay

Sunset by Wayne SchererLeft: Sunset by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

Bein' a Cowboy is sorta like bein' Irish. You're welcome everywhere.

I recently took my Guerneville girlfriend to a Bodega Chamber party at the Duck Club and we had a fun time.

I'd like to think they treated us so well because I'm a cowboy but I suspect they're nice to everyone.

So when my Guerneville girlfriend did one of those Leap Year things and asked me to go back to dinner at the Duck Club, I didn't hesitate to say yes.

Lest you think I was lookin' for a free meal, I fully intended to pay. It's in the cowboy creed.

You treat a lady like a lady.

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I'm rather fond of my Guerneville girlfriend so you mighta guessed her invite put me in a good mood. Unfortunately, J.W., heard me whistlin' show tunes and got on it like a border collie on an errant calf.

I've never been good at falsifyin' things so the truth came out soon enough. When it did, J.W. said, "I've been wantin' to try their duck." It was an innocent enough thing to say but I knew what he was gettin' at. He wanted to go with us.

Of course I let J.W. tag along. He's my brother, after all but I asked him to drive down by himself. I suspect he fancies my Guerneville girlfriend so I told him he might get his ironed Wranglers torn by one of the exposed springs in my back seat.

The dining room at the Duck Club is an intimate affair with three bay windows overlookin' the water. My Guerneville girlfriend musta had some pull at the Duck Club cause she lassoed one of the view tables for our reservation. I pulled out one of two chairs overlookin' the bay for her and J.W. took the other.

J. W. likes to spend a good amount of time talkin' about himself but, when his duck came, he didn't talk much for the rest of the meal.

This small blessin' wasn't missed by the two of us so we actually did have a romantic dinner. My Guerneville girlfriend and I had the halibut and enjoyed the evening in our relative quiet.

I know you're wonderin' why I didn't order the duck. It was because J.W. ordered it first.

Our daddy had this annoyin' habit of bein' a copycat. Whenever we went to dinner as a family, he would always order last and copycat someone else's selection.

As you might imagine, this became an irritation to us so we tried everything to thwart his annoyin' habit. Nothin' worked, not orderin' things not on the menu nor even changin' our selection after he copycatted us. It left us scarred.

My Guerneville girlfriend is one of my favorites so you might think I would have been irritated by havin' J.W. along. Actually, the reverse is true.

You see, the invitation from her came conveniently close to February 29th so I was cautiously fearful of what her intentions were when she asked me out.

Having' J.W. there might have pulled back the reins on a proposal I feared not so much because he can be a real irritation at a romantic dinner.

I just wanted to give her some idea of what may lurk within my genetic code.

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