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Cowboy Humor

The Duck Club - Bodega Bay

Dining at Palmilla by Wayne SchererLeft: Dining at Palmilla, by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

I own a chicken that loves me. I don't mind sayin' it.

Every time I go out to the chicken yard to feed the hens leftover vegetables and fruit, Buttercup coos and follows me around.

J.W. says it's only because I feed them all and they do collect as a group at the fence when they hear me comin' their way. I tell him he's angry because none of the chickens like him.

They may not really dislike my brother but they sure do enjoy peckin' at his pant legs. I think it's the starch in his ironed Wranglers.

I know you're thinkin' I'm doin' a segway now about our political candidates and their weird concepts of morality but this is not about politics.

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It's a Duck Club story.

I was invited down to a Bodega Bay Chamber after-hours event at the Duck Club this week.

I've always wanted to go there because I'm partial to duck.

To be perfectly candid, I thought I'd be rubbin' shoulders with what we cowboys in West County call, civilians, so I got dandied up and put on my best beaver hat.

It's not far from Cazadero to Bodega Bay but I had to swing by and pick up my Forestville girlfriend because she loves goin' down to the crab shack in Bodega Bay. We got there a little bit after the party was in full swing.

It was inchin' into darkness as we ate their tasty snacks but we did get to see the rest of the daylight from a panoramic view of Bodega Bay.

The snacks they put out were so good my Forestville girlfriend and I decided we wanted to come back for a romantic dinner some time.

The best part of the meetin' was the way we were treated by staff at the Duck Club. Chef Jeff Reilly was there as was Food and Beverage Manager, Bill Gavan, whose father was a Sonoma County cowboy. I also spent some time talkin' to Brian Larsen, the director of sales.

It was my impression Brian wanted me to bring all my cowboy friends down for dinner. I'm not sure I'd ever want to do that to him but I do know one thing now.

It's goin' to be awfully hard to order duck these days with all the adoration I'm gettin' from my chicken, Buttercup. I may have to wave off the duck and stick to a good, old fashioned steak dinner.

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