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Cowboy Humor

Bless your Heart, Cyndi Lauper

Rasta Bar by Wayne SchererLeft: Rasta Bar by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor by Ben Marshall

Just when I've settled on the cynical thought entertainers are only in it for the pesos, someone like Cyndi Lauper pops up.

Not that Cyndi hasn't popped up once or forty times in the past with some pretty fine music. She has.

Cyndi was in Japan at about this time last year when the earthquake and tsunami hit.

Everyone left Japan who could but Cyndi stayed behind and worked to help the survivors. So this pop up was different than most.

I'm not sure how many people, famous or not, would intentionally stay in a place where the amount of radiation was a thing of conjecture even to the government.

The artist who gave us Girls Just Want to Have Fun, my favorite song (think about it, cowboys), put herself on the line to help millions in a time of fear and loss.

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I know the whole subject of her helpin' out is the cool part but here's the really cool part. Cyndi didn't have to stay. No one realized she was there because her plane landed as the earthquake was happenin'. She could have waited until the airport was opened up again and flown home.

But she didn't. She stayed and performed all her concerts as promised and Japan is proud she did. She said she did it to help the people of Japan and, although she did do that, she also helped the people of the US. She gave us some of our dignity back.

So many times we are blinded to the brilliance of others by our social mores but some acts of heroism shine through everyone's darkness.

Some turn on their light in the time of emergencies like Sully" Sullenberger of Danville, California, who landed his US Airways jet into the Hudson saving himself and 154 others. Heroes like him are exceptional.

But what Cyndi Lauper did was also exceptional. When confronted with a fight or flight situation, she did neither. She helped. She stayed and helped.

And now, a year later, she is back in Japan to call attention to the continued support of those whose lives were devastated and still are a year later.

If Congress is looking for some issue to bring our country together, why not have them offer a tribute to Cyndi Lauper.

You won't have much trouble convincin' Democrats and Independents to jump on this bandwagon and I think there's room there for you Republicans, too.

We'll just have to build a box on the wagon big enough so you'll think you're the only ones at the party.

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