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California Car Rentals

Over 24,000 Car Rental Locations Worldwide

Booking your car through CarTrawler

For over seven years our Irish website, Tour Clare, has used CarTrawler to book cars in Ireland, the rest of Europe and in the US and Canada.

The company was started by two brothers who had the heart and savvy to create a new way of helping business and holiday travelers find the right vehicle for the right price.

From the beginning, we at Tour Clare knew they were something special. What set them apart was their service. After a couple of years, they began winning international tourism awards and it's been like that ever since.

CarTrawler uses most of the name brands in car hire (or car rentals as some call it). These are brands you'll recognize, like Sixt, Budget, Thrifty, Europcar, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, Fox and National.

There are many more (at last count they had over 500 companies they worked with around the world) because CarTrawler travels the globe and contracts regional companies at some of the best rates we've seen on the web.

And on the web is really where you should book your car. If you don't agree, try renting a car upon arriving in any airport in the world. It's practically scary.

Although you may not recognize the name, CarTrawler, you probably have booked through them.

CarTrawler has the best prices we've found
For Car Rentals

They work or have worked with many of the airlines in the world to supply their car rentals including Hawaiian Airlines.

Give CarTrawler a chance

Just run a comparison of your next (or last) car rental and you will see the advantage of using the company with the funny-sounding name.

Believe me, it's not a funny name to us. We've had such great service over the years with CarTrawler, we've abandoned all other car-rental agencies and now use only them.

For Downtown Paso, CarTrawler uses Enterprise. In SLO they use Budget, Avis and Enterprise. Napa and Sonoma have a good number of choices also.

Driving a car in the US

Driving a car in California (and throughout the US) is relatively easy.

Roads are normally well maintained and other drivers are consistent, (if not always considerate).

In most states, right turns at a red light are permitted unless otherwise posted. Left turns from a one way road to a one way road at a red light are also normally permitted unless otherwise indicated.

We suggest specifically asking staff at the counter where you collect your car what the state laws are regarding turning on a red light.

When entering a freeway, accelerate to match the speed of the traffic already there. To hesitate would be unwise.

Although merging traffic should have the right of way, remember, right of ways should always be given and never taken.

Slower traffic should keep to the right, allowing faster vehicles to pass without having to flash rude gestures. We suggest you not reciprocate if you are the recipient any of these gestures.