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Cowboy Humor

Brown Eyes

Clare by Hannah Rose MillerLeft: Chole by Wayne Scherer

Cowboy Humor, by Ben Marshall

I wrote the followin' words a few years ago and wanted to bring all my friends up to date:

Mixing flower petals of milk into espresso, she said, "You have to establish boundaries."

"Have you seen her?" I asked, knowing all my friends had seen her. "Have you seen how beautiful her brown eyes are?"

"Yes, (sigh), I've seen her." she answered.

My situation as a part-time boyfriend to her was good but I knew she wanted more.

"She walks all over your feelings. Every time I see you, you're in agony over this new relationship. You never acted like this before," she continued.

"But she touches my feelings, too, like no one else ever has." I argued. "She makes them respond. Gives them meaning."

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The coffee was better than normal. Perhaps it was the conversation about my newest sweetheart.

I was on a high note so I decided to unlatch the corral gate and let all the horses out.

"She is a swirl of perfection, a pure sensation, a T-bone at a hot dog barbecue," I said with a touch of emotion in my throat.

My Guerneville girlfriend laughed at that one but pushed on.

"She expects too much of you. It used to be different. You used to have more time for me. And your other friends of course."

She had a point but so did I. "But she gives back more," I responded. I had been away from her for too long and the conversation was growin' tedious.

"I worry about you," she said. "You aren't setting boundaries with her, you've become a pawn, a puppet. You know I love you too."

A song came to my mind but quickly left.

"I know you do," I said, "Look, I have to get back but I want you to know she's no puppet master." I said goodbye, left her in town and drove back to Cazadero. The conversation set me thinkin'.

She was right. I had to try to set boundaries. As I drove my truck home, I thought of her. The sensations I felt when I held her in my arms were close to agony. I knew I should establish some limits. After all, I had a life too.

Tremblin' with the key, I opened the door and found her waiting for me on the floor.

She was the prettiest puppy I had ever seen.

Well, as you all know, I never bought another Border Collie after Chloe. In fact, I never had another dog. I just couldn't.

That is, until I found Clare. I think the gift of puppies was the greatest kindness any of our gods gave to us and Clare was made on one of the good days.

Her energy has filled all the places in my heart Chloe once created and gave just a little bit more happiness to my step.

I still have my Guerneville girlfriend and of course she eventually fell in love with Chloe as did all my friends. I'm sure they will come to love Clare as much as they did old Chloe. And this brings us to the reason for tellin' all of you this.

The truth is, you really can find true love again.

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