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Sometimes a Sigh is only a Sigh. Sometimes a Sigh Happens when you Meet Sylvia

ATL EventsLeft: Sweetheart Ball
Photo by Suzette Sager

Most people have a favorite aunt or uncle, niece or nephew who patchworks a blanket of harmony around them.

They live in a world of joy and kindness and are willing to share this world with those they love.

What is more rare is to find someone we don't know who makes us feel this way.

Perhaps it's only charisma she has, but Sylvia Parkinsen, the "Queen" of ATL Events, does this for strangers.

I met her in the throne room of her family-run business (31 years of event services to wineries, event halls, private homes, hotels and destination weddings).

Thinking I could coax some new angle of interest out of her to let folks know what to expect when they come to ATL for help, I took a comfortable seat across from her desk.

But there was no angle to discover, only an element of kindness demonstrated to me and everyone else who came into her chambers.

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Sure, I could mention all her clients ranging from Ukiah to Monterey to Sacramento to Bodega Bay but those are only empty words compared to what must happen when a flustered bride-to-be sits across her desk like I did and falls under her spell.

Of course I could gush about the magnificent photos of events surrounding her in her office. But I felt so comfortable, little came to mind.

I found myself stuttering out inane questions and thinking, "Gosh, I wish I knew someone getting married in the near future so I could tell them about Sylvia." She's that good.

For over an hour I sat in audiance until I realized I had taken up far too much of her time. When I left, she gave me a caring hug, letting me know everything was going to be OK. It was like having my first bite of creme brulee and everything was already OK when I arrived for the appointment.

But this meeting was only a beginning for me. This story will continue after I attend her next public event. I sure hope I don't have to drive to Ukiah.

Two weeks later:

I sat next to one of the kindest women I know drinking fine wine, savoring two slices of the country's best burgers and desperately wanting it to be Groundhog Day. See story.

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