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Andy's Produce Market - Sebastopol

Where the Little Red-Haired Girl Works... and Smiles

Andy's Market, SebastopolAndy's Produce Market
1691 Gravenstein Hwy North
Sebastopol, CA 95472-2610
(707) 823-8661

The little red-haired girl is alive and doing good things in Sonoma County.

I happened on her one day at Andy's Market in Sebastopol.

As northern California's largest, open-air, produce market, Andy's has been a source of surprises for me during my short stay in Sebastopol but I never expected to see the treasure of Charlie Brown's life working there.

I did expect to find great prices on Clover Dairy's products and once asked one of the owners why this was so.

"We think Clover products are wholesome and delicious," she said. "and we want to price them so young families can afford to buy good milk and other dairy products for their children."

I couldn't think of a more lovely thing to say.

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Anyway, back to the wall.

Some friends invited me to dinner recently and asked me to bring my famous Pear Betty for dessert. I'd be happy to give the recipe to anyone who wants it but keep in mind it calls for a little dash of Clover's heavy cream on top. Try it if you dare.

Knowing Andy's has fair prices on local produce, I went in to buy twenty or so bosc pears, some Clover butter, macaroons and Clover heavy cream.

"Where did you get these pairs?" a pretty red-haired girl asked at the check out.

Thinking I had done something amiss, I motioned to the bosc pear display inside the store. "I'm making a Pear Betty," I said in defense of whatever miscreant behavior I was guilty of.

"You need the ones outside," she said and asked another employee to bring her two baskets from outside. "These are $1.29 a pound but if you buy them by the basket from outside, you only pay 79 cents."

I was aghast and agog. Such treatment was rare, even in Sebastopol where everyone is polite.

"Thank you," I managed to get out, and left.

In the days since my astounding encounter (I don't get out much) I've iterated and reiterated the story to a number of people.

"You must be talking about the pretty red-haired girl," all of them have said. I hadn't mentioned the color of her hair to anyone but they all seemed to know exactly who the kind, check-out person was. Apparently, she has been doing these nice things for quite some time.

So go into Andy's Produce Market just north of Occidental Road on Hwy 116 and pick up some milk or butter or fruit or vegetables or... or.

You'll get a good price on all your purchases and, if you're really lucky, you'll meet the little red-haired girl.

Someone might want to let Charlie Brown know.

Andy's Produce Market
1691 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472-2610
(707) 823-8661